Our Team

Keenan Ventling, President

After many years of working with small and local businesses to create usable websites, I founded Sincerity Digital to provide a simple, easy, honest solution in the murky sea of online marketing.
I have seen so many small businesses spending hundreds of dollars per month to large marketing firms who keep their files on some dusty shelf and never provide anything of value. I promised myself that we would be a different kind of marketing firm, offering clients exactly what they need and nothing more.

So far I think we've kept that promise. We've provided everything from simple, static HTML sites for small businesses and private individuals who only need the most basic online presence to full-scale ecommerce solutions for retail operations with decades under their belt.

I'm proud of the team we've build here at Sincerity Digital. With a wide arrange of skills and backgrounds, we can provide exactly the diversity of thought that your business needs in the shifting digital landscape.

Eric Dunham, Lead Designer

Hi, my name is Eric. I started working in this profession in order to spend more time with my family, and I have to say there is nothing better than being able to use technology to bring my family closer together every single day by working from home. That community-oriented nature is something I carry over into my work every day. I bring over half a decade of experience in professional fundraising, as well as over a decade of graphic and web design experience.

Farron Khan, Photo & Video Guru

I'm experienced in a broad field that encompasses journalism, broadcast media, public relations and the emerging field of new media. I love exploring the history and nuances of media, the impact of media on the greater culture as well as how different forms of media are produced. I have worked across a broad spectrum of leadership positions from my time in the military to management and leadership roles in the private sector.