Digital Marketing

Without the BS.

We are Sincerity.

You can't believe everything you read online these days. That goes double for small business owners looking to increase their relevance online. Marketing agencies will try to sell you on expensive, daily managed SEO services and charge exorbitant mark-ups on simple integrations with software that takes minutes to complete.

At Sincerity, we promise to never push you into services that your business doesn't need, or to charge you for things that cost us nothing. Honesty is our promise.

Keenan Ventling, President

After many years of working with small and local businesses to create usable websites, I founded Sincerity Digital to provide a simple, easy, honest solution in the murky sea of online marketing.
I have seen so many small businesses spending hundreds of dollars per month to large marketing firms who keep their files on some dusty shelf and never provide anything of value. I promised myself that we would be a different kind of marketing firm, offering clients exactly what they need and nothing more.

What we do

We take care of business. Your business.

Whether you are just starting with building an online presence or you have an established website, we are here to meet your needs. We offer a full range of services to cater to your requirements at every step of the process. From site design and hosting to e-commerce and customer contact management, we are there to make sure your business has exactly what it needs.


We build fast, responsive sites that look and work beautifully on all devices, not just desktops.
Imagine a website your customers can actual use.

Graphic Design

Good marketing means nothing to your customers if it looks bad.
Our design team will work to make sure your website and marketing material are eye-catching, and match the rest of your brand image.

Social Media

Our professional team can respond to your customers 24/7. By rapidly resolving issues as smoothly as possible, we are protecting your relationships and your reputation.

Customer Contact

Coupons, special offers, loyalty programs, social media posts, email campaigns and even (gasp) snail mail marketing mailers, we handle it all.

Check out some of our recent work

We weren't born yesterday. In fact, we've been doing digital marketing work for small businesses for nearly 10 years. Don't take our word for it—take a look at a few of our most recent projects.

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